Coporate Headshot photography tips - from a top san francisco headshot photographer

So you're looking for new headshots for yourself, or you've been tasked to find a photographer to shoot the entire office. What do you do? Get on google and do a search to see who you can find, or you get recommendations from colleagues? top-coporate-headshot-photographer-sanfrancisco-lizcaruana



Well, there are many routes you can go, but most go with recommendations from colleagues and then follow that up with looking at the photographer's work.

So here's where the decision part lies. When you're looking at this photographer's work what do you see? Their ability to photograph studio, location, office, or something different. Then look a little deeper and look at the photographs themselves, how intense is the photoshop? Do you want your photos to have that level of photoshop, do you want to look natural? These are important questions as if you see this reflected in all the photos, it's likely that this person does this as their style. Over photoshopped was the thing of days past, today, it's natural, clean and as close to what the person actually looks like.

Take a moment to look through my corporate headshot photography gallery to see the versatility in my work and to see how natural people look.

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