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Why You Need Personal Brand Photography

Telling your story through images, getting you and your brand, and creating a catalog that you can use daily for months is what I provide  so that you always have the perfect photo to engage your audience. You get countless hours back so that you can focus on your company and doing what you do best.


What's Your Personal Brand Photography Story

You and your brand are your story, but during my onboarding process we flesh out the specifics. It could be your work story at your office, at a cafe, out in the world, in nature, speaking at a conference, or you doing what you do. These stories are fully explored and then photographed so that you have horizontal, vertical, tight, medium and wide of the photos as well as enough space for copy, or future use.

How Personal Brand Photography Works

You're busy, extremely busy, so we plan to do shoots quarterly so that you have a catalog of original images that last three months, then regroup and do another for the next quarter and work together on a yearly basis. The content is all yours and you don't have to search stock to find that perfect photo, I make it for you. I live in San Francisco but a plane to get to you or your shoot, is no biggie to me. I travel the country and the world for work.

What's Next

  • Contact me with the form below with a little about you and when is a good time to set up a phone chat.
  • Quick chat about your session
  • Book your session dates and start your full shoot planning with location, colors, branding, and things that are important to you. Inspiration boards and example websites are reviewed and we plan our shots. Hair and Make Up, Wardrobe Stylist, and Set Stylist are recommended and I have a full team of people I suggest.
  • Post production is started right on site as you choose your photos that day. Final photos are delivered within 15 business days.
  • Ta da!!! Life is just a little bit easier!


Personal Brand Photography Annual Subscription Investment


Break the Internet

  • 3 Stories, 60 images
  • 4 sessions a year, Full Usage

$15,000 per session


On Point

  • 5 stories, 90 images
  • 4 sessions a year, Full Usage

$18,000 per session


Pics or It Didn't Happen

  • Unlimited Stories, One day shooting
  • 4 sessions a year, Full Usage

$25,000 per session


All Subscriptions Include:

  • Yearly booking in advance ( 1 per quarter, 4 per year)
  • Guaranteed shoot dates
  • Monthly payments or pay in full discount
  • Onboarding & consultation
  • Same-day image selection
  • Quick image turn around
  • Unlimited social media cropping
  • Full commercial usage

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