Our Team

We’re a little bit Breakfast Club and a little bit American Gladiator. You definitely want us on your side.


So… what do you want to know, cuz who even reads these anyway?

I’m about photos not making bios. But! Here’s what you need to know rapid fire.

-17 years experience working on set

-Have photographed everyone from celebrities to ceos

-Have the energy and speed of a cheetah, also, I run marathons

-I’m fluent in all cameras, lighting, software and french

-I will always say yes to coffee

-I’m a city girl born and raised in Toronto, but can backpack through the wilderness like nobody’s business.

Give me a shout if you want to chat more about your project or if you want me to solve the world’s problems over coffee or


Wardrobe & Set Stylist

Rachel Fawkes

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Team experience. We know our shit!


Lead Photo Assistant

Antonio Fernando III

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Lead Photo Assistant

Bree Walker

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Digital Tech and Video

Scott MacDonald

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Andrew Landini

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Brooks Knudsen

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