Have one great outfit together. Head to toe that looks good including polished shoes and matching socks or tights. Try on your outfit in front of the mirror to make sure it all looks good together, add any accessories you feel go with it, and steamed press, de-lint, de-fu, and hang them ready to wear (do not wear this outfit until your photo or it will wrinkle). Please avoid sneakers, flip flops, t-shirts, jeans, white or off-white colors, pink, or yellow, or light/pale blue, busy patters, hats, brands, logos, tank tops and athletic attire.
Women- a blouse or shirt with a circular collar rather than a V, Jewelry should be appropriately sized and not dominate.
Men- a Full three piece suite is best with interesting button down so that there are options for having the jacket on or off. Bring an additional shirt. Do not wear light colored plaid, or white shirts unless you are wearing a blazer overtop or it will over expose on camera.

Personal Grooming
Wash your face moisturize. Make sure your facial hair is under control, eye brows, ears, nose, beards, the works. Get a hair cut if you need to. Shave in the morning. Start paying really close attention to your lips. Moisturize intensely for 48 hours prior to the shoot. Exfoliate your lips if needed as this is the one part of the body photoshoot can’t fix.

Get good rest as  it’s critical to looking your best, least puffy, and dark circled.

What to bring
Women - Full outfit plus additional out, make and lipstick brands that you like
Men - Full outfit plus extra shirt, lip balm

Yes. Practice your expression in front of the mirror. It’s important to know what your face looks like smiling, serious, and grinning.
Look at your self straight on, on your left and on your right.

What we’ll have on hand
We’ll have de-shine powder, and some basic hair product
Please bring anything else you feel you need to perfect your look.




cuffs of shirts, jackets too long.



Try your clothes. on. No for Real. Check for threads and lint. If your clothes are two sizes to small or two big, get new clothes. Photoshop can't fix your outfit.