Reaching Your Fitness Goals - from a top San Francisco Lifestyle Fashion and Sports Fitness Fashion Photographer

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Evan Sanders is a pretty amazing guy. His day job is with an industrial design company, but he is the creator and author of The Better Man Project, a website dedicated to inspiring both himself and those that follow it.

In Early January of this year Evan approached me to photograph him at a pinnacle day in his fitness training. Evan had been training for months sculpting his body to get the exact physique he desired. He knew that January 31, 2015 was a special day for him. This was the day where he would be at peak fitness and would be the most optimal day for him to be photographed. As a running coach I can honestly say how proud I am of him for getting to his goal day, and getting to it naturally without the assistance of drugs. His final week he had to do a dry out period where he drank gallons and gallons of water, and then had to drastically reduce it to almost none so that his muscles were as defined as they could be. He even brought a special pre photoshoot drink and resistance ropes with him so that every muscle was looking their best.

Evan and I planned out the look and feel of his shoot together, deciding on photos that we thought would best represent his vision of himself and how he wanted to project himself. We chose clothing that fit the location and he even brought an American Flag with him. I was pretty excited to see that surprise as I had always wanted to do a shoot with an American Flag and was stoked to be able to do a shoot that was really appropriate to show his pride in his accomplishments.

Take a look at the highlights from this shoot below. Congratulations Evan!! What an amazing accomplishment.

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