How to Book your shoot.

Send me an email or give a call and let me know what look you are interested in for your photoshoot and what date you would like. I'll send over an estimate and agreement for approval. Once a deposit and signed paperwork comes through the date is officially yours.

What is a Portrait Session Like?

My team and I will come to your office and load in our lighiting and backgrounds froughly 1.5-2 hrs before the person is to be photographed. Upon each person's arrival to set my team and I will go over your team's vision, then start in on photography as many images as you, then immediately make selections for post production.

What is an Event Session Like?

I arrive to your event 45 minutes prior to doors opening to photograph decor and ambiance, then..... or whenever you want.

What Happens Afterwards?

After your photoshoot I'll start working on your images and deliver the final product within two weeks unless a sooner date is needed. You'll be sent a link to download your files directly to your computer.

How do I go about contacting you for a shoot?

Please go to our Contact Page, fill in the quick form, and submit it. Within 72 hours, we will contact you to begin scheduling your shoot. We are a digital business, and we book and confirm our shoots entirely over email, though we do make exceptions if it makes more sense for us to jump on the phone with you.

How long do shoots last?

Basic sessions generally last around 30-45 minutes, while Deluxe sessions tend to last around 45-60 minutes. Combo packages vary in length, depending on driving times and the number of locations.

What happens after our shoot is over?

Within two to three weeks of your session, your images will be ready to view. You will get an email from us with the subject line, “Your Photos Are Ready.” This email will contain a link to an online gallery, where you will be able to view the images and download them one by one. You will also receive a .zip file with all of your photos. If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam folder and if the pics aren't there, just shoot us an email.

Do you offer hair and makeup services?

While we don't offer hair and makeup services directly to our clients, we do have a list of vetted artists we work with that we would be glad to recommend to you. All booking and payment is done directly with the artist. While you are scheduling your photoshoot with us, you can contact one of the stylists to make your hair and makeup appointment. 

How can I pay for my session with you?

We accept cash, checks, Venmo, PayPal and credit cards. Credit cards can be used at the time of your session, or we can invoice you online. Payment is due at the end of your shoot. Please note that your photos will not be processed or returned to you until payment is made.

How much retouching do you perform on the photos?

The photographer does minor retouching and processing of photos in Adobe's Lightroom, which is the industry standard for editing and processing photographs. This includes removing minor blemishes, doing color correction and minor skin smoothing, and adjusting clarity and vibrance. This does not include narrowing or slimming down body parts, head swapping, or eliminating wrinkles or any other further edits. If you want additional retouching on your photos in Photoshop, we can possibly do that for a fee, depending on what’s needed, but this service is not guaranteed. Just FYI, less than 1% of the photos on our website have additional retouching, so it's not usually necessary unless there are major adjustments you want to make. Additionally, Portraits To The People does not offer graphic design services, like cropping, resizing, adding vignettes, etc. You are welcome to hire someone else to do that once you receive your photos.


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